On this Online Learning Platform you will discover your areas of strength and identify your weaknesses pertaining to studying. You will know your Study Skills Percentile and how to improve yourself to become a better learner for life.

This Online Learning Platform accommodates four categories of students:

1. The Upper Primary (4-6) Pupils
2. The JSS 1-3 Students
3. The SSS 1-3 Students
4. The Secondary School Leavers and Undergraduates
Majorly as a registered student on this site you are assessed on the following:
Study Skills:
Study skills are approaches applied to learning. They are the skills you need to enable you to study and learn efficiently – they are an important set of transferable life skills. They are generally critical to success in school, considered essential for acquiring good grades, and useful for learning throughout one’s life.
  • The Upper Primary Pupils are tested on Five (5) Different of Study Skills
  • The JSS 1-3 are tested on Six (6) Different Study Skills
  • The SSS 1-3 are tested on Seven (7) Different Study Skills
  • The Undergraduates Category are tested on Twelve (12) Different Study Skills
Learning Style:
Knowing how you learn best is the first step in developing effective study habits. Every student approaches the task of learning differently. Every student has a unique and personal learning style or a preferred channel through which learning comes more easily. Ask yourself the following: Am I more inclined to remember something better when I see it, when I hear it, or when I experience it or do something active with it?

We all use all learning channels. In fact, we use all our senses in learning about the world around us, but each of us has a tendency to lean more heavily on one of the learning channels.

You will identify which of the learning channels is applicable to you on this site.

(NOTE: Please be sincere and honest when taking the Learning Skills Assessments)

The Result

When you have taken all the Learning Skills Assessments you will see your result and recommendations. Religiously go through your result and recommendations, work on yourself to improve your study habits, take actions and steps in becoming a better and STAR student.

The Resources

In the Resources, you will be exposed to the following:

The Reading Strategies that fit you
Understanding How the Brain Naturally Learns
Steps To Become A Topper
Steps To Master A Difficult
For undergraduates, how to graduate with the best result
Note Taking and Test Taking for undergraduates
And Many More…

Registration Procedure

Please take all the Learning Skills Assessments Once. Within 30 minutes you are through with it.

1. Click on “GET STARTED” or “SIGN UP on the site
2. Click on “create account here” to fill in all your details and click on “Register
3. Then, click on Make Payment at the side bar, it will take you to payment options.
4. Enter the PIN on your Purchased Voucher or pay with a debit card
5. After successful payment, click on the first learning skill assessment at the side bar and start to take all the learning skills assessments.
6. On completion of each learning skill assessment, click on “SUMBIT” then click on View Result. Check your result and recommendations and learn to improve your learning skills.
7. After completion of all the assessment click on “View Result” to check your overall resultand print.
8. Click on “Resources” to learn more about how to become a STAR STUDENT.

(Note: Don’t forget your username and password. You can always login with it anytime)