Our Company

The Excellent Career Academy (TECA) is an indigenous career, business and consulting citadel delivering information, capacity building, infrastructure and service solutions that help individual gain competitive advantage in life, career and business, and improve the total wellbeing.

Our network of consultants engages in private professional practice to provide competency in Education, Career and Business Consulting, Financial Planning Process and Development/Capacity building.

Our Vision

To raise value-added individuals and role models in career and business world.

Our Mission

To empower individuals to discover, develop, release and maximize their real gift and talent for the fulfillment of their God-given Assignment in the society and the world at large.

Our Core Values

1. Live what we teach
2. Practice servant leadership
3. Excellence is our minimum standard

Our Training Schools

1. Career Planning and Development School
2. Entrepreneurship School
3. Education Support School
4. Management Training School
5. Leadership School
6. Financial Intelligence School
7. Vocational Training School