The Topper – Undergraduates

The Topper – Undergraduates
August 12, 2018 Admin

Steps To Becoming A Topper

Step 1: Toppers Believe

Toppers believe in themselves.

Toppers always say:
“I believe I have greatness within me’
“I believe God made me a perfect man”
“I believe I am a School Topper”

Remember Abraham Lincoln’s Belief System; He believed in himself when the world taught he was a failure.

The first step you must take before you become a topper in your class is to believe YOU CAN. Believe in yourself. Believe in the greatness that resides inside you. Believe, Believe and Believe in yourself!

5 Questions Toppers Ask Themselves

You must ask yourself these questions that the Toppers ask in other to lead your class.

1. Why am I here today?
2. What is my current academic position in percentage (%)?
3. What do I think is the Toppers’ academic position in percentage (%) that I can pursue?
4. Do I know what I specifically desire?

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