Study Problem – Undergraduate

Study Problem – Undergraduate
August 12, 2018 Admin

Difficult Subject

Steps To Master A Difficult Subject/Course

The following are successful proven steps to Master a Difficult Subject/Course.

1. Recognize That The Subject/Course Is Quite Hard.

This is actually a step that has been done by most of the students. But some of the students do it too much that they feel very difficult to master the subject at all, or in other words, give up. It is just important to realize that you are having some difficulty in a subject. Then, we move on.

2. Ask For Help!

If as a student you have problems with my Mathematics. The first thing you should do is to ask for help as this is actually the easiest step. You should ask someone better at this to help teach you to understanding. In fact, you can ask for help from teachers too. They are the experts. So, why waste time not asking? It’s their job anyway. To teach!

There are though some things we must keep in mind when asking for help:

i. Don’t think that by letting someone teach you, you will go from E to A just like that.

ii. Ask help from a number of friends (if possible)

iii. Try and make it a win-win situation, e.g. “you teach me Mathematics & I’ll teach you Biology”

iiii. When asking help from friends, don’t blame them if they’re unable to teach, they’re students too.

v. Tell the person your specific problem, don’t just go and say “please teach me everything!”

3. Focus More In Class.

I know this sounds very cliché but it really works. Anyway, one of the reasons the students start to have difficulty in a subject is not focusing in class. Isn’t it? Therefore, this is the source of the problem and we must take action! There are numerous ways to stay ‘alive’ in class, like asking or answering questions. The point is, focus more in class and maintain it.

4. Read more.

When the examination is around the corner, what do we do? We open our books and read them. But, why doesn’t it work fully then? Because we always do it in the very last minute. And our focus also usually is not very good at that time with the number of books to read and the worry that we have. So, we have to start reading more on that weak subject even though the examinations are still far away. When we read, we understand. Then we can put the understanding to practice. BUT this may not work fantastically with every subject take mathematics for example. It’s more to calculating, so, more on exercises and practice.

5. Do More Exercises.

Hmm… I bet we all know this already. But we keep throwing this aside. So, I’m telling you. This is full proof! The more exercises we do, the better we get. That’s how our brain works. When we get used to stuff, things get easier. The only thing is, you have to make sure you’re practicing right. Proper practice prevents poor performance. You might want to read that line again. A good way to practice is to start from the basics and move on as we get better. Then we’ll master everything.

6. Keep Calm And Don’t Worry.

Worrying brings nothing but a bad mood and restlessness. So just keep calm and do your best. Good luck in mastering that tough subject.

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