Study Problem – Procastination

Study Problem – Procastination
August 12, 2018 Admin

“Procrastination, the opposite of DECISION, is common enemy which practically every man must conquer” – Unknown

The teacher entered the class and announced to the students “Today is Monday, come next week Monday I’m going to conduct a comprehensive test that will take care of your third term assessment. So all of you read your books and get prepared” When Helen got home that day, she tried to read her books but later dismissed the idea of reading her books for the test. She said to herself “Well, I think the test is next week Monday, I don’t need to trouble myself. Tomorrow I would read. Let me watch movie jare” the next day approached she postponed her reading. Not until the morning of that Monday that they would have the test in school. She just quickly glances through her note.

Unfortunately for her, she never passed the test. The teacher now called her to ask her why she failed the test, the teacher said “Helen, what has gone wrong with you? You failed my test. Didn’t I give you enough time? Helen answered, ‘You did sir” Now tell me the truth, when did you start to prepare for this test” said the teacher. She replied “this morning” The teacher said “why did you have to choose to read for this test this morning? She said “I thought I could make it up to read over the weekend, so I was postponing it to weekend. Unfortunately for me sir, NEPA didn’t give us electricity during the weekend and I couldn’t read”. The teacher said “You see yourself, you were simply procrastinating. Have you forgotten that procrastination is the thief of time?”

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. Procrastination is putting off or avoiding doing something that must be done. Procrastination can result in guilt feelings about not doing a task when it should be done. It can also cause anxiety since the task still needs to be done. Further, procrastination can cause poor performance if the task is completed without sufficient time to do it well. In short, procrastination can interfere with school and personal success.

Denis Waitley said “Procrastination is the fear of success. People procrastinate because they are afraid of success that they know will result if they move ahead now. Because success is heavy, carries a responsibility with it, it is much easier to procrastinate and live on the “someday I’ll” philosophy”. Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried. No wonder Victor Kiam remarked “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.”

Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is unnecessary. It does not have to be a part of your life any longer.

Here are 3 steps for overcoming procrastination

(1) Get understanding:
Know what the reason is for your procrastinating. It usually boils down to 3 reasons:

(a) Laziness: You just don’t want to do the work it’s just too hard
(b) Fear: You are scared of the results if you fail
(c) Indifference: You don’t feel like it’s your problem so why should you have to do something about it.

Once you know what is that has been stopping you. Determine whether or not it’s worth paying the price. If what you want is something that you truly want so then your reason for doing it should be bigger than the obstacles that you face. If your reason is a strong one then you should make a decision to do what it that needs to be done. Then you should immediately take action. Always decide to take action sooner and not later.

(2) Get a Plan
Create a plan for dealing with the problem. Write out a plan that puts your task into a step by step format.

Once you do that start taking the proper steps. If you still find yourself procrastinating then, redo your plan, and make the steps even smaller. It helps to break your plan down into smaller steps. Then start working your plan again.

(3) Get to Work
Once you have plan then go about working it. Work your plan consistently. When you take consistent action then the tasks become second nature to you. It is amazing how we as human beings settle into routines. Once you get started taking action and you continue doing it every day” you’ll develop positive habits. These positive habits that you repeat everyday will create positive momentum. Also, do the hardest tasks first this gives you a sense of accomplishment which helps you knock out the remaining tasks more easily.

If you master these 3 steps you will quickly overcome your occasional bouts with procrastination. You will become known as a person who is get things done in a timely manner. More importantly, you’ll eliminate the dread and stress associated with putting things off.


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