Keys to Note and Test Taking – Undergraduate

Keys to Note and Test Taking – Undergraduate
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➢ Listening

Effective Listening

Effective listening is the act of listening with full concentration to whatever one is being told or taught in order to understand the ideas of the speaker. One may listen to a speaker with both ears wide open and yet may not understand a lot of what he is saying. Therefore, listening is a skill in which you have to improve through training and practice.

Listening to Take Good Notes
Hearing is a spontaneous act. Listening, by contract, is something you choose to do. Listening requires you not only to hear what has been said but to understand as well.

Understanding requires three activities:

• dynamic listening;
• paying attention;
• concentration;

The best way to concentrate is to start with anticipation. Review your notes from the last lecture and make sure you go to class having read the assigned material. Use this method to cultivate a mindset that is needed for 100% concentration during a lecture.

Be A Comprehensive Listener
Comprehensive listening has to do with the feedback between speaker and listener. The speaker has an obligation to make his/her words comprehensible to the listener. The listener, in turn, must let the speaker know when he/she does not understand. Both parties must make a conscious effort to accept their individual responsibilities. You may think this is a 50/50 proposition, which in part it is; however, both parties must be willing to give a 100% for effective listening comprehension to be achieved.

The best way for you to let the speaker know that you don’t understand is to ask questions. A surprising number of students are too embarrassed to ask questions. The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked.

Notes Taking

Learning to take notes effectively will help you improve your study and work habits and to remember important information. Often, students are deceived into thinking that because they understand everything that is said in class, they will therefore remember it.

As you take lecture notes and make notes from your textbook, you will develop the skills of selecting important material and discarding unimportant material. The main secret to developing these skills is practice. Check your results constantly. Strive to improve. Notes help you to retain important facts and data and to develop an accurate means of recording and arranging necessary information.

Writing Reports

Reviewing the Topic

Students usually have some freedom to choose the subject of themes or reports. When you make this choice, be sure that the topic is acceptable to the teacher, and is as interesting to you as possible. Another consideration is that of availability of resource material. Your task is made much easier when there is a good amount of reference and resource material available.

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